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Research quality of life impacts of health-related and -unrelated conditions in the Nairobian Kibera slum

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We can still engage a few volunteers, especially those who can:
  • Develop expertise in critiquing the quality-adjusted life year metric
  • Advise locally appropriate solutions in Kibera
  • Calculate the USD/QALY effectiveness of identified solutions

We aim to develop a methodology to identify and evaluate priorities of the Nairobian Kibera slum residents. We seek to adapt some of these quality of life valuation methods to the local context. In conjunction, we aim to critique the quality-adjusted life year (QALY) metric. Then, we plan to estimate the USD/QALY effectiveness of solutions to the identified priorities in Kibera and compare it to that of leading EA charities.

We seek volunteers experienced with or willing to develop skills in:

  • survey design (drafting appropriate questions, calculating sample size, writing survey introduction, developing strategies to mitigate experimenter bias)
  • online survey making (what platform to use, how to download and clean data)
  • data gathering (travel to Nairobi, Kenya, necessary)
  • data analysis (Excel, R, or other statistical software)
  • critiquing quantitative measures (understanding metric calculation methodologies and its implications)
  • informing the feasibility of solutions to identified Kibera slum priorities (local context knowledge necessary)
  • counterfactual cost-effectiveness project evaluation

Please contact ambroseotachi@gmail.com (WhatsApp +254 710827762) for further information.

Organisation: EA Kenya

Contact email: ambroseotachi@gmail.com

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