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The Public Happiness Movement - A global volunteer community focused on empowering local people to create positive change where they live

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Empowering local people and communities to solve societal issues where they live through gathering around the most effective positive and creative activities/projects.

We’re a volunteer community, open to all skills, breaking big projects down into small chunks that anyone can take on as and when they are able to. Much of our work is focused on launching our new platform, where users can come to find/suggest creative and positive ideas to solve societal issues by empowering local people and communities, around the World.

We’ve been active since 2012, helping issues like: homelessness, environmental, isolation, community and human connection, supporting the elderly, etc. An example would be our Brighter Tomorrow Map, where we empower local people to better support those who are homeless nearby: We would love to have you apply your skills and join us building a platform that will allow many more people to join in and get active building creative and positive solutions to the worlds problems. Team members are welcome to use their work with us to pad their portfolio if that’s something they’d like to do, and anyone active for a while gets invited to join our team page. We’re also working on a blockchain token, which may add a million times more energy into our eco-system, or just become one of the coolest internet points systems ever built. If you’re interested in that just let me know

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