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Two remote data science roles in (1) finance, (2) personality testing

Remote (work from home anywhere in the world)

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We’re hiring for full-time data scientists working remotely (from anywhere in the world). We have two different projects we’re hiring for: 

(1) A stock market/finance-related project. You’ll be working with a mathematician to enhance a system we developed for testing hypotheses in financial markets, written in Python. Together we’re going to explore new hypotheses in financial markets using a unique approach. 

(2) A project where we’re taking new data-driven approaches to personality testing. We’ll be exploring different ways to improve upon existing scientific personality measurement systems.

A strong background in programming is required. The projects will be in Python, but it’s okay if you’ve never used Python before.

These projects are a great opportunity to:
  • Build your data science skills
  • Improve your Python programming
  • Learn about (1) finance and the stock market or (2) personality testing
  • Learn about machine learning methods
  • Learn how to do hypothesis-testing in novel ways
  • Shape the project as a critical team member
  • Enjoy a balance between autonomy and support/feedback

This work will involve tasks such as:
  • Writing Python code 
  • Applying statistical and machine learning-based methods to make predictions
  • Finding relevant datasets and integrating them into our system
  • Connecting our system with APIs and other services
  • Writing unit tests to make sure our system functions properly
  • Generally taking charge of whatever has to happen to move the project forward - this will include non-programming-related tasks that require you to coordinate with other team members, find appropriate datasets, keep the project on track, etc.

Mandatory requirements for applying:
  • Strong programming skills in at least one programming language
  • At least some data science or statistics experience
  • The ability to learn new, complex ideas quickly

Traits that it’s helpful to have (but not required):
  • Experience programming in Python
  • Familiarity with common Python data science packages such as NumPy, pandas, and Scikit-learn
  • Understanding of linear algebra and statistics
  • A preference for writing high-quality code and testing code carefully 
  • Experience with machine learning methods
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience (1) working with stock or financial data or (2) running psychological studies
  • Understanding of (1) stock market-related and finance-related concepts or (2) personality-related research

You’ll be able to work from home, and we’re flexible about what hours you choose to work. This job pays $24 USD/hour, and you can expect to work roughly 30-40 hours per week (depending on your preference).

The application process involves answering some challenging questions which we believe will give us the best idea of your skills. To apply for this job, please go to our application here:

We don’t require resumes during this first stage of the process, and we put very little weight on resumes overall.

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2021-11-03

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