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Nonprofit Outreach Volunteer

Berkeley, CA

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About Antigravity Investments

Antigravity Investments is an EA-aligned social enterprise that provides financial recommendations to effective charities that help them earn up to millions of dollars in additional revenue per year. We currently advise over $10 million in charitable capital and are backed by the Center for Effective Altruismā€™s Effective Altruism Grants program.

The Role

We are looking for a volunteer to increase the number of EA organizations and high-impact charities that are following best practices in the areas of treasury cash management and investing. For an example of our recommendations, please have a look at our EA Forum article on treasury cash management:

Ideal applicants will have an interest in learning about finance and investing as well as marketing and sales experience. We are open to volunteers that have limited or no prior experience. Training will be provided in relevant areas, and tasks will be assigned according to a volunteerā€™s current skill level in a certain area. This work can be done remotely, and we also have shared office space available in Berkeley, CA.

Work Examples

Roughly in order from easiest to hardest, volunteer work may involve tasks like:

  • Finding the email addresses of key contacts within an organization

  • Drafting and sending emails to spread awareness of Antigravity Investmentsā€™ recommendations

  • Participating in email and phone conversations regarding an organizationā€™s cash management and investing practices

  • Assessing an organizationā€™s annual IRS Form 990 filing and other financial documents to assess the size of its investments and cash reserves and whether or not the organization is earning interest on its cash reserves

  • Doing research to evaluate treasury cash management and investing recommendations

  • Writing articles that explain Antigravity Investmentsā€™ financial recommendations

Relevant Knowledge and Skills

Relevant financial knowledge includes: bank accounts, interest rates and how they are set, brokerage accounts, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, and bonds. Relevant marketing and sales knowledge includes: content marketing, lead generation (finding peopleā€™s contact information), writing sales emails, email tracking, and mail merge.

Quick Apply

Email to apply, and attach your resume/CV if you have one.

Time commitment: Part time

Applications due: 2020-04-30

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