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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Summitto is an award-winning startup building the largest blockchain network of the world. The purpose? Helping tax authorities around the world to eliminate many billions of EUR/USD in annual invoicing fraud. If you’re excited to play a key role in bringing together the public and private sector, in order to introduce our new technology to millions of companies, then we’re looking for you! From an EA perspective, you’ll gain (1) positive influence on the well-being of people (2) career capital (3) close connections to high-level policymakers in Ministries of Finance around the world.

We want you to excel, which is why we can offer you to:

  • never get bored! We develop bleeding-edge technology, but don’t tolerate bullshit
  • have a large influence on the direction of summitto
  • earn a competitive salary with stock options
  • get access to the latest and best equipment
  • experience rapid personal development
  • work with us in Amsterdam, a fun and always vibrant city!

Here’s a little taste of your challenge, you will work on:

  • creating online material for reputable news channels
  • personally connecting with a variety of public and private organizations
  • actively lobbying around high-level groups and events
  • maintaining contacts with accountants and multinationals which participate in our pilot to test our software

We’re looking for public relations officers who:

  • enjoy challenging projects
  • are full-time available
  • have experience writing professional texts
  • have flawless Dutch and English language skills
  • want to change the world for the better

Altruistic Impact

4.5% of total VAT income, 50 billion EUR in the EU alone. Given scientific progress, perhaps we’ll just accelerate the advent of this technology by e.g. 5 years. We redistribute value from fraudulent companies (which typically hide their wealth in property) to governments. The amounts are so massive, that only directing 1% of the regained government income to the right cause area is already a big opportunity.

We are a team, looking for new talented people to become a part of it. You will work directly with the founders to positively impact millions of lives. Come revolutionize the European economy! Are you ready for the challenge?

Send your CV to !

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2019-02-01

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