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Managing Director - Europe (REMOTE, Europe)


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Catalyze a global transformation of the food system

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is on the forefront of the movement to use food technology and markets to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger to antibiotic resistance and the exploitation of billions of animals annually.

How You Will Make a Difference

GFI is expanding its work to Europe and is looking for an independent contractor to assist in incorporating a new legal entity and to help lay the groundwork for the expansion of our programs into Europe. Once GFI has established a legal entity in Europe, we will hire an executive director to run the new operations. To ensure a smooth transition and continued operations in Europe, GFI would prefer to hire an independent contractor who will also be interested in applying for the executive director position.

The independent contractor will complete the following projects:

  • Establishment of legal entity: Find local attorneys to advise us on the types of legal entities we could establish in Europe (e.g. non-profit or public benefit corporation) and then work with the director of international engagement and the local attorneys to incorporate the legal entity.
  • Memorandum on food regulations: Find and oversee local experts in drafting a memorandum explaining the legal and regulatory framework affecting plant-based and clean meat products in Europe and recommending policy initiatives to advocate for favorable regulations of these products.
  • Databases: Develop databases of key players in the field in the following subject areas:
  • *Science: scientists, research institutions, and organizations;
  • *Business: plant-based meat, dairy, and egg companies; clean meat, dairy, and egg companies; animal agriculture companies; retailers; distributors; and suppliers;
  • *Policy: government entities, government representatives, government innovation or economic development programs; any other government funding programs;
  • *Investment and innovation: venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators, and individuals who are interested in investing capital;
  • *Development: foundations and individuals interested in donating to GFI or furthering GFI’s mission; and
  • *Mission-aligned organizations: organizations working on issues aligned with GFI-Europe’s mission including protecting the environment and animals; advocating for food safety and security; and alleviating hunger, antibiotic resistance, and diseases resulting from the consumption or overconsumption of animal products.
  • Establishing relationships: Work with the director of international engagement to prioritize and establish relationships with key players in science, business, investment, innovation, policy, and development.
  • Advisory council: Identify key players in the country who could advance the interests of GFI in Europe and who may be interested in serving on a European advisory council.
  • Communications: Craft a communications plan to advance GFI’s mission in Europe and assist the director of international engagement in executing the plan.
  • Development: Craft a fundraising plan to hire more staff and advance GFI’s mission in Europe and assist the director of international engagement in executing the plan.

Who We’re Looking For The Managing Director, Europe must have:

  • Willingness and ability to work as an independent contractor.
  • Residency in Europe.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills including networking and public speaking is required.
  • Experience creating or overseeing the creation of a nonprofit or other legal entity is preferred.
  • Experience developing and implementing communications programs including marketing, advertising, social media, and media relations is preferred.
  • Experience developing and implementing fundraising programs for nonprofits with a preference for work with high net-worth individuals and major gifts is preferred.
  • Degree or experience in law, related-science, or government preferred.
  • Firsthand knowledge of European cultural, business, and legal norms.

We want the best people and we don’t want biases holding us back. We strongly encourage people of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. Because we value a diverse workplace, we prioritize an inclusive climate absent of discrimination and harassment during the application process and after you join the team.

The Fine Print

  • Terms of employment: Full-time, contract
  • Location: Remote; based in Europe
  • Benefits: Working from home
  • Salary: The salary range for this position is $45,000-$65,000 USD but will be adjusted based on cost of living where the finalist is based.

Application Deadline: December 9, 2018.


Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2018-12-09

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