EA Hotels and Low Cost Living [in process of formation]

Hotel Manager for EA Hotel, Blackpool (UK)

Blackpool, UK

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For more details of the project, see here.

This is suited to someone who’s happiest when assisting others in achieving as much good as possible; someone who’s interested in playing a vital role on an important mission. If the project is successful (which will depend on you to a large extent!), this will become a high impact position. You will also get to hang out with lots of cool EAs and make them happy.

You will live on site and deal with all the admin, finances, shopping, cooking (exclusively vegan), dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, socials, events and morale. Salary is £20,000*/year (which is in line with local market rates). You will also - like the EA guests at the hotel - have free accommodation and board, so you should hopefully end up with quite a bit left over to save/donate. Nominally the role is full time, up to 48 hours a week, although in practice it will likely be no more than 35-40 hours a week until or unless the hotel reaches full capacity. See example timetable here.

Ideally you will be a competent cook. All the cooking, cleaning and laundry for 17+ people is too much for one person to take on in addition to management tasks, so part time staff and external services will be hired to to do some of these tasks. The laundering of bed linen and towels is contracted out. Cleaning will be done by external contractors on weekends. Perhaps one or two guests could volunteer to help out in the kitchen for the evening meal (breakfast will be a simple buffet of cereal, toast, and fruit most days, perhaps a cooked breakfast at the weekend; and lunch will be salads, DIY sandwiches, crisps, fruit and other snacks, and leftovers from dinner the night before.) With part time staff and some small amount of volunteering and self-service amongst guests, there should be enough slack in the system for you to have weekends off and a standard 5 weeks of holiday per year.

When the hotel was at full capacity in it’s heydays of the 1980s, there were four or five staff. However, most of the work was restaurant related. Having serve-yourself buffet breakfasts and lunches, and a choice of one or two options for each dinner, makes the food preparation a lot easier when compared to an average hotel that has many options on the menu and is making meals individually or in small batches to order. So the job will not be on the level of full time chef and full time hotel manager in one. All necessary training, such as attending food hygiene and licensed bar management courses will be provided (bar will probably only be open one night a week).

Ideally, it will be good if you can start as soon as possible, so you can help get the hotel fixed up (some amount of repairs need doing) and meeting regulations (make sure all safety certificates and licenses are in order). The hotel is already open and accepting EA guests (as the Founder of the project, I am currently acting as de facto Manager). There is also work to be done in setting up the organisational structure - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, for which trustees need to be found, a charter written, and incorporation documents filed - and getting it in a position to sponsor visas for overseas guests. And backend systems for admin, like a website, booking system and accounts spreadsheets need to be built.

The role of EA Hotel Manager requires a highly motivated self-starter with a generalist skillset and good people skills (someone friendly, outgoing, empathetic, understanding, able to listen and offer good advice). Is this you? Hiring a competent manager could end up as a “chicken and egg” situation, whereby the project might need to be successful already in order to attract the necessary talent. I have hopes that someone from within the EA movement who sees the potential in the project can be found though. See here for why it’s important for someone who shares the mission of EA to fill the role.

To arrange a call to discuss the role in more depth, please email g.colbourn@gmail.com

To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to g.colbourn@gmail.com

*salary open to negotiation

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2018-06-30

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