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Help Create a Web App with the Goal of Driving Millions of Dollars to Charitable Causes & EA Charities

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Invest for Good is a meta-charity with the mission of leveraging investing as a tool for social impact. Nonprofits and donors in general and within the EA community do not invest, pay high fees (1%+) to an investment advisor, and/or invest ineffectively, underperforming market benchmarks on average.

We are in the process of finalizing a web app that provides effective low-cost investment management to donors and charities to increase the amount of money going to social causes and organizations. By encouraging charities to invest, lowering fees, and increasing performance, we can generate millions of additional dollars for charitable causes. We have an emphasis on designing our platform around serving the EA community and have received support and positive feedback from 80,000 Hours and Rethink Charity.

Currently all online investing (robo-advising) platforms do not support organizational accounts so charities and donor-advised funds cannot access the benefits of online investing. Our technology enables us to operate with a lower cost basis than other online investing tools and provide more sophisticated investing solutions to clients, such as offering EAs very niche solutions like investing in Out of the Money call options to maximize capital losses when donating to increase the tax benefits of charitable giving. We also plan on driving contributions to promising social ventures and evidence-based interventions.

Part-time and full-time assistance is greatly appreciated to help us launch, and in the next few months post-launch we plan on acquiring funding to support paid roles (positions are currently on a volunteer basis). We are currently using Flask for our web app and Python throughout our investing algorithms, trading platform, and web app.

Invest for Good is the 501(c)(3) branch of the EA startup Antigravity Investments, an SEC registered investment advisor. We are pursing the hybrid organization model. At this point the team is the same with both organizations and contributing to one is essentially also contributing to the other.

Feel free to reach out directly on Facebook if you’re interested in contributing, providing funding, receiving free investing advice, or something else: or Or use the email listed below.

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