Collate volunteering opportunities for corporates

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Companies, looking for good PR and needing to fulfil corporate social responsibility requirements, often look for volunteer days. TimeBank is an example of an org that offers these; the projects are likely extremely low-impact (e.g. “building community gardens, protecting wildlife, renovating community spaces and revitalising parks and rundown housing estates”).

When someone at my employer asked for suggestions of similar volunteer days, I thought: why isn’t there an EA equivalent of TimeBank?

Initially, this could just be a website listing great group volunteering opportunities. These could be lowish-impact (e.g. telephone fundraising, leafletting, etc.) and as long as they’re better than renovating a school library you’re still having a positive impact. In future, this could be a charity that co-ordinates CSR days out for companies.

I’m happy to help build a site and host it if people think this is a good idea.

Budget: $250

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