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As the Manager of LEAN, you could shape the EA movement.

The Manager of LEAN role is designed to take this project to the next level. You won’t find anything like this position elsewhere in EA. We will be training up the next Manager to potentially run the project as an autonomous movement building entity. You will take the lead on leveraging connections with local groups and collaborating with the Rethink Charity research team in order to identify and investigate pressing questions about EA movement building. From day one, you will strive to understand the EA community landscape with the eventual goal of advancing our empirical research program and testing innovative ways to implement our strategic priorities around the world. Your research and insights will shape LEAN’s work into 2018 and beyond.

Other responsibilities include:

Regularly conducting one-to-one support calls, communicating strategic and practical advice, connecting individuals, providing technical assistance, and various other tasks necessary for assisting local groups leaders around the world. Lead the EA Hub redesign, including the collection, synthesis and distillation of group leader insights for the new resource trail. Maintaining the 50,000+ subscriber EA Group Newsletter together with the Centre for Effective Altruism. Administrative tasks associated with tracking, setting up and ensuring the responsible succession of local groups. Periodically conduct impact assessments on LEAN.

Time commitment: Full time

Applications due: 2018-06-28

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